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Want to market your business, support a cause or maybe create custom items for any sort of events? Want that with a higher detail and a crisp attractive finish? No matter what your needs are our direct to garment printing service have you covered. We offer DTG on a wide range of promotional products, workwear, and athletic uniforms allowing you to unleash your inner creativity by printing any type of artwork imaginable. All you need to do is provide us with either your company logo or personal artwork, and we’ll handle the rest.

We guarantee a superior print and the proper display of every intricate detail. Not only do we ensure that the print job matches your criteria, we make sure that all the aspects of the order are correct. We assign a dedicated customization specialist to you who will work with you through-out the project and will make sure that there aren’t any hiccups and every product is perfect, just the way you want them to be. These specialists will remain assigned to you even after project is completed so your subsequent projects take less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a DTG printer handle large runs?
Yes, DTG printing can handle large runs. Since there is no screen prep or screen storage required, it does takes a little longer to print than screen printing so your production abilities are limited by time.
How many colors can I print using a DTG printer?
DTG printers use process inks in CMYK to generate the colors you send from your computer. These colors allow for the generation of millions of colors. Additionally, DTG printers also include white ink which is used as a base on dark garments to allow for the reproduction on similar colors on dark textiles. Think of it like your inkjet printer, instead of paper, it prints T-shirts.
What is Direct to Garment (DTG) printing?

A direct to garment printing is a process in which the garments are printed directly from a computer using an inkjet technology. While the inks and the hardware are different from your desktop printer, the artwork used and the method of printing from your PC are the same.

What will happen if I print on a shirt that has wrinkles?
DTG printing on a wrinkled T-shirt, long sleeves T-shirt, sweatshirt or a hoodie will result in a potentially incomplete printed image. Make sure to use a heat press to smooth any wrinkles.

Fast Track - Order to Delivery

We’ve not only mastered the skill to produce perfect Direct To Garment prints, we’ve mastered the art of delivering them timely as well. We’re simply the one stop solution to all your needs.

Whether you are promoting your brand or making trendy designs, banners, signs or anything else, we’ve got you covered. Just submit your artwork and let the magic begin. We will provide you with the most amazing service from start to finish. We make things easy and hassle-free and promise an amazing end product at affordable rates.


Choose the Product, Add to Cart and Place order.


We'll develop a mockup and get it reviewed by you. Once approved we'll soon complete production.


Fun starts as soon as you receive your products and start enjoying them. We also love that !

The Process of DTG Printing

In direct-to-garment printing, a special type of water-based ink is applied directly to the fabric with the help of an inkjet technology. The fibers inside the fabric adjust the water-based ink to create your custom artwork or logo. Only cotton-based fibers work well in DTG printing, which is why it is applied on 100% cotton fabrics only.

At ApparelnBags.com, our DTG printing is an seven-step process, giving you quality print on your favorite apparel in no time.

Creating the Design – The first process is getting your design ready. With the help of a graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign, we create a mockup of your custom artwork or logo.

Transferring your Design to the DTG Printer – Once the mockup for your design is complete, it is then transferred into the DTG printing machine, where the driver gives the machine the instruction related to the print.

Pretreating the Garment – Your garment is pretreated with the help of machine to get ready for the printing. The process takes just about a few seconds or minutes. Once the pretreating is complete, your garment is dried up with the help of a heat press set on 330F for about 30 to 40 seconds until your fabric is completely free from moisture.

Positioning of your garment – When your fabric is dried out, your garment is positioned on the plate of the DTG machine and locked with a hoop ready to be printed.

Printing your design – Printing of your artwork or design is easy if it is programmed appropriately into the DTG machine. The process of printing is the same as printing anything on a piece of paper.

Fabric curing – Once the printing on your fabric is complete, your garment is transferred back to the heat pressing machine for curing. Silicon paper is placed on your design for protection from the heat while the fabric is heat pressed on 360F for about two minutes.

Your DTG printed apparel is ready – After following all the processes, your custom printed apparel is ready. Before packaging, we carefully inspect the garment to make sure that each article is 100% error free.

Advantages of Using DTG Printing

DTG printing is cost-efficient for printing in small quantities of garments due to no start-up cost. For decoration experts, the printing process is convenient because there is no hefty set-up or cleaning process, as compared to other printing methods. That being said, injection-based printing delivers quality images, so DTG printing is best suited for designs having complex color combinations and design elements.

Even though the advantages are endless, some of the most distinct qualities of DTG printing are:

  • No set up costs like screen printing
  • Perfect for designs that demand different colors
  • They can be printed at 1200 X 1200 dpi resolution
  • No minimums
  • Ideal for fast turnaround jobs

Enhancing Your Identity

When you are thinking about the most suitable decoration method and want to ensure that you have a look that is completely original for your organization, go for Direct To Garment Printing. We at ApparelnBags.com, are proud to offer Direct To Garment printing services that will enhance the look of your business or brand and catapult it to the top. Our state-of-the-art facility coupled with highly skilled and experienced DTG printing gurus make sure that our finished goods help you and your business make a strong and lasting impression on the market.

Just send us your design, and we’ll do the rest. We have you covered.

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Every order is protected with ApparelnBags.com satisfaction guarantee, that means authentic Apparel and exceptional workman ship out of our facilities in Greensboro, NC and Dallas, TX.

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